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Wedding Videography + Photography

Need to get a videographer for your wedding? Don’t worry we have you covered. Experienced in wedding videography you certainly will not be disappointed. Call us today!

Business Video Production

If your company is having an event or needs training filmed we are experts in the field. Many of our past clients are corporate and we’ve never let anyone down.

Family Photos + Video

We are here to help make your family memories last a lifetime through photo and video. We simply help document the photos and videos, but you make the memories.

Documentary Production

All of your research and hard work are ready to be put into a full video production? Our documentary production services will not disappoint. We look forward to bringing your documentary to life.

Music Video Production

You’re a musician and need some help pushing out new music. Well you need a music video to bring that song to life. Lucky for you if you’re reading this, you’re one step away from a music video.

Viral Video Production

If you produce a lot of content online why not hire on a full service video production team to help you do more. We can help make videos for your social media.

Special Event Videography

Any special event just wouldn’t be right without a proper video montage. Don’t let your memories be the only thing you keep from an event, capture it in a video.

Film Production

Looking to create a short film and need a crew to make it happen? Give us a call and we will talk about the possibilities for your next short film production.

“Having a video of our family reunion made it feel like we got to relive the great experiences all over again!”

– Hank , Overland Park , KS

Wedding Videography

One of our most popular services is our wedding videography. There’s nothing more important than making sure your big day goes off without a hitch. You don’t want to stress about things not working out, especially with the videographer. That should be your last worry. We will not only make it stress free for you but make it unforgettable. Keep the memories of your wedding day with you forever with a quality wedding videographer in Kansas City. Some of our favorite projects have been celebrating weddings. You can sleep easy knowing that this is the right choice for your wedding that will last a lifetime.

How to choose a videographer for your wedding? Make sure you see their past work first. Our professionals have an extensive portfolio that they can show you. This is not something you want to leave to chance and get a video that looks like it was recorded in 1985 for your wedding! We use the latest in video technology to create a modern and clear picture. Keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. We don’t want to be the high over priced bid but we are not the lowest either. Our pricing methodology is simple, fair.

Music Video Production

Have you gotten a music video made for any of your songs yet? We can help no matter what the answer is to that question. Our professionals will not only create a video but it will be exceptional. A lot of musicians have bad experiences when trying to find the right team of videographers to work with. We have no doubt that we are the right team for you. Our work will always live up to the expectation and often go above and beyond. You can only find out one way though…

From big budget productions to low budget productions there is no job too big or too small for us. Kansas City is a community and we like to make our working relationships feel that way too. You won’t get the same home feeling from the other guys out of market. Try out a hometown company that has proven to be successful with other musicians. Let our past work speak for itself. It’s time to turn your vision into a reality. Let us be the company that brings your ideas from paper to video. We look forward to earning your business!

Corporate Video Production

Corporate events need to have a videographer. Don’t let your company’s employees miss out on a great conference that you put together. There are also other needs for corporate video production. If you need training videos or a company culture video for new hires, give us a call and we would love to work with you. One of our favorite types of videos to create are company culture and corporate event videos. The positivity and great learning environments shine through every time.

Call us to get a free quote on commercial video production in Kansas City. If your company is going out of state for a convention or if you’re holding a convention for multiple companies and want a recording of the event we can help. We travel outside of the Kansas City area for corporate events. Just let us know where the event will be, how long we will need to be present, and your expectations for the production. Pricing is variable per each situation so we do not provide prices for videography on our website.

Documentary Production

Another service we provide is documentary production. Bring your ideas to life. We have been apart of many documentary productions in the past which have been very successful. We are knowledgeable and experienced in piecing together the clips into a valuable and informative work of art. Whether you want to document a day in the life of your pet dog or you want to bring light to certain issues that we face in our world today we do it all.

A lot of documentaries are boring and lose the audience quickly. Our documentary films are always creative and engage the audience. To put this into perspective, we could make a documentary about the history of ketchup interesting. We always take time to research specifically each subject matter that is being documented and try to make it interesting. Being knowledgeable about a subject is always the best way to go when creating documentary films.


“Our yearly company wide conference was filmed by OP Videography and they did an excellent job capturing the entire conference in an engaging movie!”

– Ken , Shawnee Mission , KS

Commercial Production

If you would like to get your company’s name out to the public in a unique way why not try making a professional television commercial? We have plenty of experience creating television quality commercials for companies all over the Kansas City area. This is an investment that pays off. Don’t go for a low end production company who makes cheap commercials either. You don’t want to look like a sleazy car salesman. A professional look for your company is something we are dedicated to providing.

When coming into a meeting on commercial production just have your ideas and vision ready. We want to know which direction you want the production to go and the style of video we need to shoot for. Creating a positive customer experience is really what we are all about. We work tirelessly to make sure that we provide the best finished products possible. If you’re interested in getting a quote for commercial video production in Kansas City please call or email us today for more information.

Viral Video Production

Have you ever seen a great video on Facebook or Twitter that went viral? Most likely the answer to that question is yes. Have you ever wondered how you could get a video for your product or company like that? Well here at OP Videography we are able to create outstanding social media videos for any business page or advertisement campaign that you’re trying to do. Viral video production requires a creative and collaborative team that works together to create interesting content.

Once you get your viral video or social media video created how are you going to market it? We would always recommend Segalo Media & Design to promote your viral videos. It’s not enough to just post it on your page and hope that something great happens. You’ll need a great marketing strategy. So go over and give them a shout after you get your video made and they can help bring thousands of views to your new social media video.

Special Event Videography

If you’re looking to get videographers for special events, look no further than OP Videography. We love to come out to events of all kinds and help create lasting memories. Examples of great events to get a professional video done at are milestone birthdays, family reunions, friend gatherings, and basically any holiday that you’re having a party at. So don’t sell yourself short with Uncle John’s outdated video camera and give us a call.

Why would you need a video documenting a special event? Well that’s easy. You know how great home videos are, there are even television shows glamorizing them. Why not take home videos but make them professional and create a movie quality experience for your greatest memories. We would love to bring your events to life in a high quality video production.

– Josh Wellingham, Overland Park

Film Production

If you’re wanting to produce a film script that you’ve written we would love to see it. Getting a short film produced can be a lengthy and expensive process. This is why we always make sure that your film is something we want to take on and a project that we will be able to stand behind. The only way to know if we will produce your film is to submit it and pitch it to us in a meeting.

The best film production company in Kansas City is certainly us. We do the best work in the city and possibly the midwest, count on that. Our commitment to excellence and perfection is simply unmatched. You will love the different shots we can create and the ideas that we have to make your film the best. Give us a call today and we will try to setup a quick meeting to go over your film ideas.


“We couldn’t thank OP Videography enough for bringing our documentary to life. It was everything we could have ever imagined and more!”
– Luke , Mission Hills , KS